Petit Hotel

We invite you to come and enjoy with us our “place in the world”, Bariloche, Patagonia. In our small and cozy hotel next to Lake Nahuel Huapi we will offer you family attention and a cozy atmosphere to make you feel at home, but with the addition of enjoying the services and comforts of a hotel, to live an unforgettable vacation.

Wake up to the song of the bandurrias, feel the whistle of the wind at the top of the trees, see the trout jumping for their food in a calm sunrise, appreciate the most beautiful sunsets behind Cerro Lopez, or marvel at the sky at night, these are just some of the experiences that excite us everyday and that we invite those who visit our house to experience…

Come and enjoy with us.



Free connection in the entire establishment


Free private parking, no need to book in advance


Airport transfers (additional cost)


Light menu (per request)


Breakfast in the room


Restaurant a la carte


Daily cleaning service

Luggage storage


Laundry (extra cost)

Tourist services: everyday we share our experience of the area


TV lounge

Private beach area

Adapted for reduced mobility

Non smoking rooms

24 h front desk

Car rental

Who we are

We are Pablo and Sami, a couple from Ituzaingó, West Zone of Greater Buenos Aires, who since 2009 decided to adopt Bariloche as our new home. A year later we started with this beautiful project, invaded by a mix of desire, effort, fears, uncertainties and hope. With different backgrounds and knowledge, but with the same desire to convey our love for this beautiful place, we complement each other so that this project continues to grow every day and we try to make this “Petit Hotel” a second home for our guests and that their experience in Bariloche it is always remembered as a special place.
In December 2016, Indio, our little son, joined this great adventure to take a new sight of life in the Patagonia from the eyes of a child. From this moment on, together we set ourselves to raise our little one in this beautiful place. The arrival of Indi also brought some changes that, among other things, meant that Sami is no longer in the hotel so much and that we devised new ways to complement each other. But, of course, we do not carry out this beautiful project alone, we have a great team with whom we enjoy sharing every day and we never get tired of thanking them for all their help. A team that we do not hesitate to consider our great Patagonian family.
Besides them, we have had in these years the privilege of living with our immense unconditional friends: Plato, Newen and Luna. Due to live events, today only Newi accompanies us, but Plato and Luna are in our hearts and in the memories that inhabit every corner of the hotel, the park, the beach and in each of the photos and stories about them that the guests who return again and again share with us. Thus, between emails, welcomes, talks, hugs, farewells and reunions, several years have passed since our first guest walked through the door, and we are happy to continue beign surprised with the stories and moments shared with each and every one of those who decide to come and visit us.
We are waiting for you!


by Península

When was the last time you had a hot chocolate next to the heat of a fireplace? Do you remember the feeling of enjoying the aroma of a tea trapped by the words of your favorite book? Have you had the dilemma between continuing to enjoy your favorite dish or watching the sunset over the lake? "Eatery by Peninsula Resto and Tea House" was created with the idea of renewing your answers to these questions ...


Our casual cuisine restaurant opens from Monday to Saturday, every night it offers a selection of homemade dishes to enjoy a fusion of Patagonian flavors, without leaving aside an exquisite wine or craft beer to accompany.

Breakfast and Tea House

Guests can enjoy a charming artisan buffet breakfast, included in the accommodation rate.
In addition, those who are not staying with us can make their reservation and come to enjoy it too from 8.30 to 10.30 am.

Our tea house is open all year round and offers sweet and savory delicacies to enjoy a delicious snack on the beach, the outdoor deck, the living room or in your room.


Avenida Campanario 493 – Península San Pedro (8400) Bariloche – Patagonia Argentina


Avenida Campanario 493 – Península San Pedro (8400) Bariloche – Patagonia Argentina